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At no time are you to contact Hockey Calgary. SMHA and Hockey Calgary have provided you with multiple levels of support for asking questions and seeking resources. Please contact your League chair, AGC Communications coordinator or SMHA Operations.  A full description of these roles can be found below.

Off-Ice Officials Box (Scorekeeping, Time Clock and Penalty gate)

League Chair, Governor, SMHA AGC Communications and SMHA Operations

At no time are you to contact Hockey Calgary, SMHA and Hockey Calgary have provided you with multiple levels of support for asking questions and seeking resources.

  • League Chair (link to the list of League Chairs on HC Website)
    • Hockey Calgary volunteer role.
    • The League Chair assists all teams in a specific Age Group and Tier
      • ie. All teams in U11 Tier 4
    • Team Managers/Head Coaches have direct contact with their appointed League Chair
    • The League Chair is your final word on games rules, such as suspension needing to be served etc
    • The League chair disseminates Hockey Calgary information as it pertains to your Age Group and Tier
  • Governor (link to the list of Governors on the HC Website)
    • Hockey Calgary volunteer role.
    • Governors oversee an entire Age Group of League Chairs
      • ie. All of U11
    • Governors report directly to Hockey Calgary on behalf of the Age Group
    • Governors can have direct contact with individual teams but you are asked to communicate with your appointed League Chair first
  • SMHA AGC Communications
    • SMHA has an AGC communications role in all 6 Age Groups (U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U18)
    • This role is designed to support our Managers in each of the specific Age groups and to bring consistency to our manager group in regards to SMHA policies and Hockey Calgary regulations.
    • This role is for SMHA Managers to utilize first and foremost when questions on "how-to" or "what should I do" arise
    • In the absence of an answer, the AGC Comm. will inquire with SMHA Operations.
  • SMHA Operations
    • Operations' role is to oversee the AGC Comm.s to ensure consistency is maintained in our manager groups
    • Operations will host Age Group-specific manager training meetings to ensure consistency is met within SMHA
    • Operations will act as the go-between with SMHA and Hockey Calgary when seeking answers for the SMHA membership
    • Operations will set up the individual Teams in Teamsnap (TS) software such as
      • Rostering players for Team placement announcements
      • Rostering non-players (Manager, Head Coach and Assistant Coach)
      • Set the Manager to have full control of the TS team portal and keep it maintained (entering games, practices and events)
        • Players/Parents have full responsibility for maintaining their private player accounts and SMHA Operations will not edit or touch these account
    • Operations will provide access and training to the ice scheduling software One-Click-Ice (OCI)
      • from time to time Operations may download the practice and or game in Teamsnap for the managers
    • Managers are free to contact SMHA Operations but it is preferred they contact their AGC Comm. first in order to maintain information consistency.

Tournament Information

Away TOURNAMENT - How to find one

The below links are where you will find tournaments approved to be hosted in Alberta's Minor Hockey Associations(MHA), each tournament coordinator has their own unique way of posting either on the Hockey Calgary Website or the Hockey Alberta Website so you are encouraged to check both.

Be mindful that only Calgary teams have access to the Hockey Calgary listings as all teams in Calgary hosting a tournament anywhere (even outside of AB) are required to be sanctioned by Hockey Calgary first.

Hockey Alberta Tournament Listings

Hockey Calgary Tournament Listings

If you are looking to travel outside of Alberta to play a non-Alberta hosting team you will need to search the web for the location you desire, for example

Hockey BC

Hockey Saskatchewan

When searching for Tournaments to attend you need to be aware of Hockey Calgary's important dates and when our teams are permitted to travel

  • Pre-season - Travel permitted required - no limitations
  • Seeding Round - BLACKOUT, NO travel permitted
  • Season Break - Travel permitted required - no limitations
  • Regular Season - Only one opportunity to travel must be submitted in advance, the deadline is called the Scheduling Window.
  • ESSO Minor Hockey Week - BLACKOUT, NO travel permitted
  • Winter Break - Travel permitted required - no limitations
  • City Championships - BLACKOUT, NO travel permitted
  • Post-season - Travel permitted required - no limitations

Springbank Minor Hockey Home tournament Info

Springbank Minor Hockey Association secures ice & sanctioning for the below SMHA home teams where ice and Hockey Calgary regulations permit.

SMHA U13, U15 and U18 teams must enter a lottery draw held at our AGM because ice & HC regulations have the largest impact on the availability of these teams

  • Teams unsuccessful in the lottery draw are permitted to secure and sanction their own tournament if the interest is there

SMHA runs their home tournaments with follow-through financing at set fees across all hosting Age Groups so SMHA membership and visiting teams are not covering the cost of the hosting team's Home tournament experience.

  • Cost cover referees, ice, SMHA medals (U9, U11, U13) and "swag" drawstring bags (U9, U11)
  • U15 & U18 receive a monetary value, equal to but not great than the SMHA medals, to utilize as they see fit for the winning team
  • SMHA hosting teams will be required to fundraise for all additional "extras" they deem necessary

SMHA Home Tournament Format & Rules

  • SMHA Tournament Format & Rules (U9) PDF
  • SMHA Tournament Format & Rules (All age groups) PDF


 2022-23 SMHA HomeTournament Schedule 
Division DateFormatContact
Timbits (U7) Young GunsJan 13th - 15thJr 4-games
Sr 4-games
U9 1Mar 3rd-5th6 team round-robin
U9 2Mar 3rd-5th6 team round-robin
U9 3Mar 10th-11th6 team round-robin
U9 4Mar 10th-11th6 team round-robin
U11 1Oct 7th-9th4 team round-robin
U11 2Sept 30th-Oct 2nd4 team round-robin
U11 3Oct 14th-16th4 team round-robin
U11 4Sept 30th-Oct 2nd4 team round-robin
U11 5Oct 7th-9th4 team round-robin
U11 6Oct 14th-16th4 team round-robin
U13 (Tier TBD)Nov 25th-27th4 team round-robin
U15 (Tier TBD)Nov 25th-27th4 team round-robin
U18 (Tier TBD)Nov 25th-27th4 team round-robin
U13 (Tier TBD)Dec 2nd-4th4 team round-robin
U15 (Tier TBD)Dec 2nd-4th4 team round-robin
U18 (Tier TBD)Dec 2nd-4th4 team round-robin

Tournament Tools, Here are some tools to help you run your tournament a little easier!


Examples of other tournament Boards:

Banff leader board - 4 teams

Leaderboard - 6 teams

Player board template 10X10

Rockies Vector Logo - SMHA Social Media - Eric Nicholson-big



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