The Park for All Seasons has taken measures to address the need for a female dressing room on the main floor.

Starting November 3rd, 2023

The Joe Phillips referee room has been officially designated as the female dressing room. It’s situated on the left-hand side midway down the main dressing room hallway, near the entrance to the officials’ box.

The following protocols are in place for its use:

  • The female dressing room will serve both Red Dutton and Joe Phillips home and away teams.
  • The door can only be locked from the inside while a player is dressing.
  • Female players are encouraged to allow other female players access to the room, given the high demand.
  • No key will be provided to lock equipment inside the room.
  • Gear must not be left in the room. Players should bring their bags and equipment to the team dressing room for safe storage while on the ice.

Further, the two already established change rooms upstairs (one gender-neutral and one female), are still available.

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