With the ever-increasing scrutiny on political correctness, the name of the Springbank Junior C Hockey Team has taken its share of questioning.  The club has been known as the Pink Panties for close to two decades and while the details of the story behind the name have diminished over time; the basics are clear.  The team’s name was founded in support and recognition in the fight against women’s cancer.  At that time, wearing pink in men’s Junior Hockey was considered courageous and fought against a stigma that has thankfully passed.

Current and past team alumni have proudly donned the annual custom pink jersey and carried the “Pink Panty” moniker with respect and high regard for what it represents.  Coaches and parents past and present recognize the positive lesson the gesture has instilled into the young men who have laced up in support of their mothers, sisters and friends.

This year the current members of the Pink Panties led by Coach Mark Connors and longtime manager Dave Jurkowski decided to revitalize the importance of the team’s name by showing overwhelming support for the Canadian Cancer Society.  The boys came together to raise $2,000 dollars which was graciously tripled by Canoe Financial for a total donation of $6,000 dollars.  Coach Mark noted; “It was important for us to show to the hockey community that the Pink Panty name represents support and respect for those close to us who continue to fight this terrible disease.  I am pleased that the boys were able to raise funds to support the Canadian Cancer Society and thank all of those who supported their fundraising campaign.”

Congratulations and Thanks to the members of the Springbank Junior C Pink Panties for their efforts and please come out and support the team at the Springbank Park for All Seasons.

Springbank Junior C Hockey Team Raises Money for Cancer – PDF

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