November 14th is  Hockey Alberta 11.4 Maltreatment Awareness Day

All players, parents, coaches and other participants should be aware of Hockey Alberta’s Gross_Misconduct_Minimum_Suspension for minor hockey.

In particular, the 11.4 – Discrimination and the suspensions it carries, this infraction is not taken lightly by the officials and will be enforced.

This infraction and the others attached are categorized as Gross Misconduct Penalties.

Rule 4.9 – Gross Misconduct Penalties

A Gross Misconduct penalty is a non-timed penalty that does not result in the offending team playing shorthanded. The offending player will be removed from the game.

  1. Any player or Team Official who is assessed a Gross Misconduct penalty will be ordered to the dressing room for the remainder of the game and will be reported to the appropriate Member or league for further action. A substitute for the penalized player will be permitted immediately. A total of 10 minutes will be recorded on the Official Game Report against the offending player for Gross Misconduct.
  2. Any player or team official who has assessed a Gross Misconduct penalty in the last 10 minutes of regular playing time, at any time in overtime, or after the conclusion of the game will automatically be suspended for a minimum of the next regular league/playoff game or seven days.

    Note 1: Where a player or Team Official is ordered to the dressing room under this rule, it is sufficient that they are away from the Players’ or Penalty Bench and are not directing or interacting with the teams in any manner and in no way interacting with or bothering the officials. Should the individual violate this rule, they will be penalized in accordance with Rule 10.4 (f) – Leaving the Players or Penalty Bench. 

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