Optional Development Program FAQs

Q. How do I register 2 or more players?
A. The system is designed to capture one participant at a time, once you have completed the registration for one player you will be prompted to "submit" your registration and a new link for another registration will appear.

Q. How was the refund amount calculated?
A. Details are being finalized as final costs come in.  The 50% marker was given as a guideline estimate for people to make decisions and the final refund may be different. This is inline with what the other Associations are refunding.

Q. I have 2 players but only want to register one?
A. By NOT registering your player you are automatically Opting out.

Q. I'm new or didn't register for the 2020/21 season, can I sign up for the program?
A. Only registered players of the 2020/21 season qualify due to Hockey Canada regulations.
Q. My player played WCHL, is he able to register for the Optional Development Program?
A. Unfortunately WCHL can only register for programs that are offered by WCHL.
Q. What is a facility volunteer?
A. This is an individual required to attend every practice to direct kids in/out of building/bathrooms, keep spectators out of the arenas and confirm TeamSnap Health Check & player availability compliancy for every practice. This person MUST maintain social distancing and wear a mask at all times.
Q. What happens if I miss deadline to register?
A. If you do not respond by the registration deadline, you will be deemed to have opted OUT of the Optional Development Program and your winter season refund will be processed. YOU WILL HAVE NO ABILITY TO OPT IN AFTER THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE HAS PASSED.

Q. When will players get on the ice?
A. As early as February 17th (Wednesday).

Q. How will we know what group my player is with and when they are on the ice?
A. Notice will be provided via TeamSnap no later than the afternoon of February 16th (Tuesday).

Q. What happens if I want to leave program after I opt in?
A. If you opt IN to the Optional Development Program, you will have no ability to withdraw at a later date. You will be deemed to have elected to participate in the Optional Development Program and committed to the applicable registration fee.

Q. How are players assigned to groups for the optional development program?
A. Players will be assigned to groups using the same rankings that were used when we move from mini teams to regular teams.

Q. How will goaltenders be placed in the program?  Will there be goaltender specific programming?
A. Goalies will be placed similarly to how players are being placed in accordance to their team placement from 2020/21 Season trying to get one goalie per grouping (but this will not always be possible).  Due to ice limitations there will be no specific program for goalies, practices will be structured to develop goaltender skills if a goalie is available in a player grouping.

Q. What happens if I cannot remember what team I was on or if I was eligible to be a coach?
A. All registration will be vetted for accuracy prior to placement.