If you are interested in refereeing in Springbank this year, please e-mail with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Mailing address, home and cell phone numbers
  • The E-mail address that will be checked daily
  • Date of birth
  • Number of years of referee experience
  • If you are playing hockey this year, we need this for insurance purposes
  • Paychecks are delivered to SPFAS for pickup
  • Parents' names, if you are under 18
You must be 13 years of age by December 31 to qualify to be a referee. You must attend a clinic EACH YEAR in order to continue officiating.
For clinic dates, please go to and follow the tabs to “Clinics”.

For first-year referees, the following equipment is mandatory for refereeing (but not required for the clinic):

  • Black helmet and half visor, both CSA approved
  • Referee jersey, with HC crest, Hockey Alberta crest and 2 Arm Bands
  • Black pants, with no stripes or markings
  • Hockey Skates, cannot be goalie skates
  • Referee Whistle, recommend Acme Thunder

NOTE: Springbank Minor Hockey Association will reimburse your clinic fees after you referee 10 SMHA Community-assigned games during the year. Please make sure you keep your receipts for your clinic. Extra supplies, like rule book, case book, crests, arm bands, etc. WILL NOT be paid for by SMHA.

For more information on Referees, go to the Central Zone Referee Committee Website

2022-23 Referee Rates

For additional resources, including the Hockey Canada Rule Book app, go to the Hockey Calgary Officials page

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