Please read the latest Hockey Calgary bulletin:

Last week, the Province of Alberta announced a plan for the removal of restrictions over the
coming month, and just yesterday the City of Calgary made the decision to align the Calgary
bylaws surrounding masking with the timing decisions made by the province.
Now that there is some clarity from the City of Calgary, we felt it was important to ensure
everyone is aligned with the Hockey Calgary expectations as we head into the final stretch of the
season and the playoffs. As we have done through the full pandemic, we will continue to follow
the guidelines put forth by the city and the province to ensure the overall safety of our athletes,
coaches, and volunteers.
The Hockey Calgary expectations for the remainder of the season and playoffs are as follows:
• Proof of vaccination is no longer required at any facility in Calgary
• Masking requirements have been modified as per the Province of Alberta and the City of
Calgary and will remain in place until lifted by the Province of Alberta, (Mar. 1, TBD)
o All athletes 13+ will be required to wear a mask in all areas of the arena except
when on the ice.
o Coaches are required to continue to wear masks on the bench during games and
on the ice during practice for the remainder of the season

• All league & playoff games will operate as scheduled, any teams that cannot field a team
in playoffs due to covid restrictions will be forced to ‘Forfeit’ that game due to the tight
timelines throughout the playoffs.
We respectfully ask that all Hockey Calgary families comply with these restrictions, in order that
we can complete the season in the safest possible manner.

Kevin Kobelka
Executive Director- Hockey Calgary


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