Building Champions Parent Symposium presented by Global will run October 5th, 2019 in the lunch room at Springbank High School.
  • 12:00-1:10 (younger kids)
  • 1:20-2:30 (older kids)
  • 2:40-3:50 (all ages).
One of our priorities in the association is to bring “New Age” perspectives and
opportunities to our families. As Part of this vision we are presenting a player and parent
evening to assist you in our collective journeys as you navigate through the SMHA and beyond.
We hope that this presentation will be terrific benefit to both yourself and your player.
Please try to have at least one parent per family attend, we believe that the time spent attending this will be worth your while.


  • What does it take to make it? How much can a player really improve?
  • How can a parent’s engagement significantly and positively impact the youth
  • sport journey?
  • What resources and strategy can I use as a parent with my player to help and not
  • become a barrier in the process?
  • Understanding development science, late bloomers and next steps? How does this all work?
  • Creating an un-deniable culture of excellence at home and at the arena.
  • How can a coach contribute or negatively impact the sport journey for players?How can you
  • navigate?
  • Is it all worth it? The time, the resources, the risk, the commitment?

Food for thought

  • Children rank winning as the 46th most important reason they play sport?
  • 74% of kids are out of organized youth sport by 13 years of age. What about in hockey?
  • The concept of “10,000 hours of mastery” is not accurate. What is?
  • The Greatest Obstacle in Development is FEAR? Are you creating it or removing it?
  • “Hope is not a tactic” . If you want to be successful you require more.

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